Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Finished Tula Pink Patina Quilt

FRIENDS. I am so incredibly pleased to let you know this quilt is DONE. I need only drag it down to the post office and send it to my niece, woo! (And when I say drag, I mean drag. This thing is heavy!)

This is the Patina Quilt from Tula Pink and Angela Walters' book, Quilting with Tula and Angela. I had originally intended to echo quilt around each colored bit, but the turning was wreaking absolute havoc on my shoulders, and I wasn't going to be able to finish it! So, I just did the center row, and then I stippled the two ends.

For the back, I used a tie-dye flannel because these are my niece's fave colors, and she loves tie-dye! So it was meant to be. However, using this flannel is part of why the quilt was so heavy! It should be nice and comfy for snuggling though. Worth it!

For the binding, I used Cotton + Steel's Sprinkles print in navy, plus a hint of lime (Kona Chartreuse, probably). This is my second finish from my Q1 FAL list, and I am SO excited that it's done! Definitely a win in my book. It will most likely be my last finish from that list, but two is better than none!

Now, if I can manage to get a few more quilt tops basted, we'll be in business!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

FF: Magnolia Mystery Quilt Top.

This morning, chaos abounds! I set myself a reminder on my phone to email a picture of my finished Magnolia Mystery Quilt top to Cheryl so I could be a part of the parade. I had waited until today to send it, hoping that I would have a finished quilt, but that is not the case! And then, when I went to pull up the photos of this quilt, I realized I 1) can't find the photos I took of the finished top, and 2) I NEVER wrote a blog post about it. #winning!

So hooray for me, I managed to squeeze in a small photo shoot amidst homeschooling, and I'm dashing out a quick post before I forget again. I say quick...we'll see if I can tamp down my typical verbose self.

Here is my finished Magnolia Mystery Quilt top! Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs runs a mystery quilt every year, and this is my second time participating in the fun.

This quilt was a BLAST to piece. Like, I seriously thought to myself multiple times during the process that I was having so much fun, and for a girl in a chaotic season of life, that makes this all the more special. Team that up with the fact that this is destined for a very important person in my life, and I have some serious feels for this quilt.

I didn't participate in Cheryl's mystery quilt last year, and I kicked myself for that decision. You see, I STILL haven't finished my Midnight Mystery Quilt from the year before, and I told myself I couldn't until I finished that one. (It's all pieced, I'm just waiting to get it long-armed.) When this year rolled around, I told myself I could, as long as I could find all of the fabric I would need in my stash. And I did! The black batik was a huge piece of fabric a friend gave me a few years ago, the green is a super fun swirl print that I can't remember the name of, though it's quite possibly my favorite blender ever. The turquoise is a mix of an Alison Glass print and a Grunge Dot print, and the purple are two blenders that I had in stash. I have enough of the black to use as binding, and I scored a ridiculously loud print for the back for $2.49/yard, but I think I'll let that be a little surprise.

Friday, February 9, 2018

FF: Wayward Transparency Quilt!

I'm pretty sure you've seen fifty kajillion iterations of this quilt because everyone made one, but here's mine! (Of course fifty kajillion iterations were made--this pattern is bomb!) But just in case you haven't seen one, this is the Wayward Transparency Quilt by Quilting Jetgirl, which was part of a super fun awesome QAL. I always love Yvonne's patterns as they are extremely easy to read and understand, and they turn out some super sweet quilts!

These photos were taken after the quilt's first wash. I particularly love the crinkly goodness that a spiky meander leaves a quilt. I quilted everything in a mint thread that matches the lightest solid. I was concerned it might be too pronounced on the darker triangles or possibly distort the transparency effect given the quilting design that I had chosen, but now I think it's just fine.

I did machine stitch down my binding, something I'm choosing to do more and more often now, but this time I used my zigzag stitch. I've done this on a couple of other quilts, but I thought in this case it would particularly suit given the spiky meander.

And the back is a big chunk of a Joel Dewberry print, plus some scraps I pulled out, including my beloved C+S tigers. I only ever managed to find a fat eighth of that print, and now I'm left with a small scrap, but as this quilt is heading to a super sweet baby boy, I'm happy to share.

This is my first finish of my FAL Q1 list, and it's already February! I better get moving! :)

Monday, February 5, 2018

Purple Moneta Dress

I finished this dress a few weeks ago, but getting photos taken? Well, that was another matter entirely! This is the Moneta Dress by Colette. I used a purple knit fabric from Jo-Ann's to make a muslin for this pattern, but of course I hoped that it would be a wearable muslin. I think I have worn this three times since I finished it? So success! Because you see, I have some pink octopi fabric just waiting to be transformed into a super awesome dress!

The Moneta pattern was easy to follow, and the dress came together easily. The only area I struggled was the neckline. It was hard to get that to lay flat! (This is a complaint that I've heard from a couple of people, so if any of y'all have made this pattern and have any advice, help a girl out!)

Before I cut into my octopi, I think I'll try a size down. This feels a little big to me, particularly in the arms. But I do love it! And I'm excited to add more  Monetas to my closet.

Oh! And tell me! Are there any knit patterns you particularly like? I've got a few things from Patterns for Pirates on my list.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Lito's Quilt.

My middle son has finished his first quilt! We used fabric from the collection Little Kukla by Suzy Ultman, backed it with an Alison Glass print and used a gray Kona solid (steel, maybe?) for the binding.

I bought these fabrics early in my quilting tenure, when I used very little self-control when it came to fun novelty prints. I'm proud to say I have a bit more self-control now and occasionally even buy blenders and solids! But I had a half yard of each print hanging around in stash, and Lito liked them, so we cut 6" strips and sewed them together, easy peasy.

We had a ball working on this! It was so much fun, and to see my kidlet so excited about quilting made my heart super happy. I don't think quilting will surpass his love of Legos, at least for now, but I'm thrilled I got to share one of my favorite things with one of my favorite people!

We debated gifting this to his younger sister, but since she's not exactly lacking in the quilt department, we ultimately decided that this lovely will be headed for Project Linus.

And hopefully Banzo and I will finish up his quilt soon, and you'll get to see that one as well! Spoiler alert: it has monkeys! 

Friday, January 12, 2018

2018 Q1 FAL list.

Dudes, I cannot even remember the last time I did this. (It was probably only a quarter or two ago, haha, but it feels like ages!) And I'm up for another round, so here is my list in all of its AWESOME glory.

1. Wayward Transparency Quilt - needs to be quilted and bound

2. Magnolia Mystery Quilt - needs to be quilted and bound

3. Midnight Mystery Quilt -
I'm hopeful this is the quarter that this goes to the longarmer--
I have no idea how to have them quilt it!!!

4. Patina Quilt - I'm a third of the way done with the quilting

5. C2C Quilt - need to baste, quilt, bind

6. Triceratops Moneta Dress - 
I made a purple Moneta dress as a muslin, now I'm ready to make more!

7. Octopus Moneta Dress for ME--have pattern and fabric


8. A Matching Octopus Geranium Dress for my daughter--have pattern and fabric

Let's cap it at eight. That's more than enough for right now! I'm linking up with the 2018 FAL Q1 linky party! Woo!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Coast to Coast 2 Quilt Top Start

Last year, I helped start a traveling quilt bee called the #coasttocoasttravelingbee. Along with five other super awesome quilters, we stretched our skillz to the max and produced six super awesome quilt tops. (Here's mine!) I had such an amazing time, and it was pretty obvious that C2C had to happen again!

My 2017 quilt top was inspired by a mountain range, and it was fun to create based on a place. (I had never made a quilt like that before!) I had thought at first that I would use water (particularly in the form of rain) as the base for this year's quilt, but my initial work following that pursuit And not me at all! And you know how sometimes it's good to do things you're uncomfortable with and push yourself to try new color schemes/techniques/things? Well, this wasn't any of those things. It was just bleh.

At this point, I had a couple of weeks to produce something worthy of this year's C2C group. After spending MONTHS laboring over the water/rain idea, I searched through my folder of quilt ideas/patterns/inspiration, desperate for something.

And then I saw these awesome Butterfly Charm Blocks from lillyella. And they'd looked pretty fun, and what if I did a rainbow? So I did.

At first I'd planned to make 9 and then do a nine-patch grouping, but after talking with K, she suggested maybe a ring of butterflies would be awesome.

And I was like, I have this nine-patch idea cemented into my brain! I can't betray that! And besides, it's going to look fierce! And then I laid out a ring of butterflies as K suggested, and it looked AWESOME (and meant less paper piecing) and how could I say NO?

This is what I've sent to the always fab Alison, along with some rainbow goodness. Yes, please, butterfly charm blocks. YES, PLEASE.

Who wants to guess what will get added? I'm SO excited to see where this group of awesome quilters will go!


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